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Custom Powder Coating

Elite Powder Coaters understands that wanting to restore something requires commitment and a lot of hard work! Whilst we cater predominately for high volume industrial projects we do have a passion custom powder coating too. We’ve refurbished and powder coated garden furniture, fences, metal gates, railings, metal pots and urns, and many other items that would otherwise perished beyond repair. All our work is of the highest quality and we take pride in our workmanship. 

Alloy And Steel Rims

Alloy And Steel Rims

 From $100 per rim (already cleaned, sandblasted and ready to coat) This service includes the degassing, prime & bake and the top coat for standard colours Sandblasting: From $75/rim

Having access to over 6500 colours it makes it easy to find a suitable colour for almost any taste. That includes exclusive colours for the automotive industry as well as special colours and textures for antique and household items.

Alloy And Steel Rims

From Frame to Wine Racks

We can powder coated almost anything that’s metal from a car chassis to an engine cover. We have done benches, mailboxes, doors, fences, gates,  locks, lockers, metal gutters, railings, tool boxes, bed frames, bunk beds, chairs, coat racks, desks, filing cabinets, folding chairs/tables, patio furniture, mounting brackets, TV stands, shade poles, lawn mowers, patio heaters, patio umbrellas, bicycle frames/wheels, bicycle racks, bicycle stands, exercise equipment, golf carts and clubs, animal cages and so much more

Car & Bike Parts

Car & Bike Parts

Be sure to completely disassemble your components. Remove bearings, nuts and bolts, washers, rubbers and plastic fittings.

  • Brake calipers (1 piece) from $120 each
  • Brake calipers (2 piece) from $140 each
  • Rocker Cover from $220 to $290 each
  • Bike Frames  from $290 to $490 depending on the size of the frame
  • Bull Bars from $300 to $750 depending to size and condition
  • Swing Arms from $150

  • sandblasting cost are included

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With a kaleidoscope of colours available, there are endless arrays of finishes that are available for a variety of surfaces. We can help anyone looking to refurbish a vintage household item. We also specialize in car and motorcycle wheels as well as many other parts. 

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